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ACHRO endeavors to reach the most disadvantaged groups in Afghan society, often under very difficult circumstances. ACHRO has classified its objectives as, short, medium and long term, depending on different programs and strategies. The details of these are as follow:


  • Provide the means for Afghan people to obtain Basic Education through ACHRO efforts in partnership with donors, government and communities; 
  • Support and uplift living standards of most needy and vulnerable communities.
  • Promote community empowerment and the establishment of self-help development organizations..
  • Improve peace building, health, income and social justice at community level.
  • Increase awareness on role, contribution & importance of women in community and family level.
  • work with local underserved communities for their development through motivation, mobilization, local resource mobilization, ownership development and capacity building
  • Provide the means for people to acquire a vocational technical or other skill facilitated by ACHRO. 
  • Support and improvement of educational facilities and teaching mechanism.
  • Facilitate rehabilitation, protection and development of basic civil/livelihood activities and infrastructures.
  • Contain environmental degradation while encouraging and promoting environmental protection and conservation.
  • Engage in any other development and capacity building activities which are conducive to the uplift of the poorest and neglected sectors of the society; 
  • Decrease the mortality rate of people especially women and children
  • Undertake any emergency and relief related activities.